1. 2024/04/01
    A paper on automatic tracking of cricket behavior and posture using machine learning has been published in Biology Open.
  2. 2024/03/18
    Our paper reporting the effect of malodor suppression by black soldier fly larvae was selected by Scientific Reports as one of the top 100 downloads in Microbiology papers in 2023 (#26, #1 in the country).
  3. 2024/02/01
    "Moonshot Waseda Day" will be held
  4. 2023/12/11
    The results of our research on the mitochondrial genome of Trigonidiidae have been published in Mitochondrial DNA Part B.
  5. 2023/11/24
    Our consortium's activities were introduced at the 2023 NEW BUISINESS FORUM in TOUBU

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  • LINK-J WASEDA NIGHT Workshop "Food x Health x Sustainability" will be held

    Date: 2024.03.19 (Tuesday)
    Time: 16:00-19:00 (registration starts at 15:45, networking 18:00-19:00)
    Venue: Nihonbashi Life Science Building 201 Main Conference Room, online

    Outline and application:

  • Moonshot Waseda Day (QWS ACADEMIA SPECIAL Waseda University)

    Date 13 Feb 2024 (Tuesday)
    Time 13:00 - 20:00
    Free of charge

    Event Summary


  • We will present at XXVII International Congress of Entomology

    International symposium (TBD)
    1. Current entomophagy: food and nutrition security, circular economy, and breeding techniques
    2. Sustainable biowaste recycling and animal feed production using insects


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  • Project Outline

    Our consortium brings together the wisdom of a wide range of research and educational institutions to take on the challenge of solving the food problems associated with the impending population explosion and developing food that will support human's advance into space.
    To accomplish this research and development, we have focused on insects. By understanding and unlocking the potential of insects, we will promote the development of a system that supports safe and secure food for human.