1. 2021/09/23
    Our recent research on the mitochondrial genome of crickets has been published in Genome Biology and Evolution (Oxford Academic).
  2. 2021/07/27
    We are holding a symposium "昆虫学から先端研究そして昆虫食の社会実装へ" on July 29.
  3. 2021/03/03
    Consortium website is now open!

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  • Project Outline

    Our consortium brings together the wisdom of a wide range of research and educational institutions to take on the challenge of solving the food problems associated with the impending population explosion and developing food that will support human's advance into space.
    To accomplish this research and development, we have focused on insects. By understanding and unlocking the potential of insects, we will promote the development of a system that supports safe and secure food for human.


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