1. 2022/01/06
    Others: ECOLOGGIE Inc. (cooperative organization) has completed its seed round of funding. Click here to read the article in Nikkei Biotechlonogy and buisiness.
  2. 2022/01/04
    Others: Gryllus Inc (cooperative organization) won the Outstanding Product Award in the 2021 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards .
  3. 2021/12/22
    Article: Interview of Kei Yura (Ochanomizu University) and Toru Asahi (Waseda University) was published in a web column article of The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI).
  4. 2021/12/05
    Article: Insect-Based Food Production Consortium has been introduced in issue of THE SANKEI SHIMBUN (newspaper) on 5 December 2021. Please click this for the online article.
  5. 2021/11/26
    Symposium: We hold a symposium of Moonshot program and SHIBUYA QWS (4 Dec 2021). Please click this for the detail.

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  • Project Outline

    Our consortium brings together the wisdom of a wide range of research and educational institutions to take on the challenge of solving the food problems associated with the impending population explosion and developing food that will support human's advance into space.
    To accomplish this research and development, we have focused on insects. By understanding and unlocking the potential of insects, we will promote the development of a system that supports safe and secure food for human.


  • We are holding "Entomophagy Mandala" and "New challenges for applied entomology: contributing to the SDGs with corrosive insects" in the 66th anual meeting of the Japanese Society of Applied Entomology & Zoology on Mar 21 (online, Japanese only) .

    21 Mar 2022 (Sat)
     Entomophagy Mandala
    22 mar 2022 (Mon)
     New challenges for applied entomology: contributing to the SDGs with corrosive insects


    The information will be updated accordingly.

    Homepage of the Japanese Society of Applied Entomology & Zoology (Japanese):

  • We are holding a symposium (onsite-online hybrid) on Dec 4.

    Date: 17:00-19:30, 4 Dec 2021 (Sat)
    Place: SHIBUYA QWS
    Organizer: Insect-Based Food Production Consortium

    Click here for an overview of the event and to register (*Japanese)

  • We will exhibit at the Agribusiness Creation Fair 2021

    Date: 24 Nov 2021 (Wed) - 26 Nov 2021 (Fri)
    Place: TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center-
    Organizer: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

    We will be presenting our project on 25 November from 11: 00 to 12: 00 in Seminar Room C.

    Cooperative organization:
    ECOLOGGIE Inc., greenase Inc., Gryllus Co., Ltd.



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